Ranplan Wireless Network Design Ltd. is a public company listed on the NASDAQ First North, Stockholm, Sweden. The Company, counting dozens of the world’s leading mobile network operators (MNOs) and 4 out of top 5 world’s largest telecom equipment manufacturers as valuable customers, operates out of offices in Sweden, the UK, the US and China. Ranplan is a research-intensive innovative SME that produces the world’s first all-in-one 5G/4G/WiFi network planning and optimisation tool – Ranplan Professional , which has won three prestigious awards for 5G radio network planning in 2019/20 from Small Cell Forum. Ranplan also produces a world-leading radio propagation tool – Ranplan Maxwell®, which is based on true multiple path 3D ray tracing/launching algorithms. Ranplan currently employs 72 people, 9 of whom have a Ph.D. degree. The team possesses world leading expertise in radio propagation/channel modelling, wireless friendly building design, metamaterials/metasurfaces